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Power Rangers GO GO Mobile with ZORDS RISING

Anxiously awaiting Saban’s POWER RANGERS in theaters tomorrow? You’re not alone! Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait to buy a movie ticket to immerse yourself into the supernatural world of your favorite heroes. Morph your anticipation into action with free mobile app, Power Rangers Command Center. This exciting new VR/AR experience allows fans to step into the […]

Find Your Future Furniture With Pottery Barn’s AR app

Let’s face it, choosing the right furniture for your home or business is tough. You have to instinctively remember to measure the length and width prior to shopping for household items. If you don’t, you risk your new furniture not fitting properly at the house. Additionally, you have to decide if the new furniture will pair well alongside your existing household […]

Concept Video For Apple’s Upcoming AR Glasses

We’ve been hearing multiple rumors about how Apple is working on some sort of AR technology, deep within their lairs. From Tim Cook hinting at their interest in the technology to Apple opening up new AR development centers in Israel, the company is on a silent move to enter the mixed reality industry. Recently, Apple’s efforts have further […]