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Have You Heard About Disney’s Magic Bench?

Disney has been doing a lot of research within the VR, AR, and MR industry and their most recent project involves using mixed reality technology on a project called the “Magic Bench.” The Disney Research team found that using head mounted displays can be quite isolating as it only immerses one user at a time. Others don’t get to […]

RED Hydrogen Holographic Smartphone Prototype

Jim Jannard, founder of Oakley and RED Digital Cinema recently announced that they’ll be releasing the first holographic smart phone called the Hydrogen One. According to RED, the Hydrogen One is “The world’s first holographic media machine, in your pocket, no glasses, needed.” The product is a completely standalone multi-band smartphone operating on Android OS. They describe […]

Watch Live: Pokemon GO Festival

The first annual Pokemon GO Festival is underway in Chicago today where thousands of trainers from around the world has gathered. Today, Pokemon players all around the world will unite for a chance to unlock the first legendary event where everyone will have a chance to catch the first rare Pokemon. It hasn’t quite been […]