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Anzu – What 3D Ads Mean For VR And Other Gaming Applications

Anzu – What 3D Ads Mean For VR And Other Gaming Applications

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To kick off E3 I had an interview with Ben Fenster (CEO and co founder) and Natalia Vasilyeva of Anzu.io. Anzu.io is a new-age ads company that’s trying to reshape how companies are able to deliver a message to the public using the virtual platform. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between advertisement and gamer experience.

Anzu.io optimizes this experience by using state-of-the-art transformation engine to give you integrated banners, logos, videos, and even HTML5 ad links. Due to Anzu’s 3D ad tracking engine they allow a company to use a 2D advertisement within VR and AR spaces.

What’s nice about this software is that Anzu can use it across a variety of platforms. This includes the iOS, Xbox, Unreal Engine, and other gaming platforms. During the interview Fenster emphasized, “Not only VR. It could be in any digital game but in VR it will look the best.” 

So what exactly does this mean for VR and AR? With this software companies can seamlessly integrate ads with hyperlinks using HTML5. Fenster explained, “It’s the developer’s choice. In some places it’s more appropriate to do it clickable and in some cases it’s not. Like a logo on a car is not clickable, but an attractive ATM inside a game is and it can even give you a reward inside the game and so forth.”

Vasilyeva went on to add, “So if you have a banner with a water on the banner, you could click on it and you can complete the purchase after you are out of the experience.” The video ads are quite unique because you can just sit and watch without even clicking on them. I was able to experience their demo on the Oculus Rift and I half expected that the ad would look like some sort of overlay, but this was not the case. I was amazed that it looked as if it was designed right with the game.  Anzu was nice enough to send us the demo for how this works so you can see for yourself below.

Through Anzu’s advanced targeting features and parameters on filters, you will see all the personalized ads that are relevant to you.

Ultimately this could change the community of VR and AR for the better. Ben explained, “We can see that VR in general has a big problem because you know developing these games are very expensive and in the end you need to pay for them.

Normal ways for payment and normal ways for displaying ads into the space does not apply in 3D. Our platform provides a bridge to allow game developers to start making money in a way that doesn’t hurt user experience. It’s supper engaging and it can get the money to develop more games and make the games they develop cheaper.”

Between using apps on your phone and AR headsets to scan ads on the go this software could make HMDs a daily device. To close the interview Natalia stated, “The Oculus go is a great example of how the headsets are becoming cheaper and we expect more and more people to get involved. Afterwards we do believe in it and that’s what we’re expecting that VR is going to bloom and we are going to be a part of it.”

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