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AltspaceVR App Will Be Available On Google Daydream View

AltspaceVR App Will Be Available On Google Daydream View

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AltspaceVR has just announced the launch of a mobile app that will fully support Google Daydream View and mobile Android devices. This new access point will allow users with Android based smartphones to dive into AltspaceVR’s social space. The mobile AltspaceVR app will be available at no cost on Google Play and Daydream platform.

“We are excited about serving Daydream customers, which could number in the tens of millions by the end of the year,” said Eric Romo, founder and CEO of AltspaceVR. “We are looking forward to providing them with the wide range of activities and events that are available in AltspaceVR, and connecting them with their friends on other platforms.”

There are some cool features that come along with the new AltspaceVR app such as being able to check if your friends are online prior to entering the social space on Google Daydream. Another key component to the new app is the Mobile view feature which allows users to enter the AltspaceVR world without the Daydream or mobile VR headset. You can simply log on to the app and enjoy the traditional 2D mode with a pair of headphones.

AltspaceVR can dramatically increase their user base with the launch of the mobile app as there are over a billion people currently using Android based devices. On top of that, being enabled on the growing Google Daydream platform can significantly increase their VR user base as popularity is growing for Google smartphones such the Pixel and Pixel XL. Google is currently conducting a massive marketing campaign for their smartphones and will have many adopters in due time.

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AltspaceVR provides a fun social space in a virtual environment where you can enjoy some time away from the real world. Enjoy the convenience of meeting up with friends and playing games with the all new AltspaceVR app launching tomorrow February 23, 2017 for free.

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