Home VR News AltspaceVR & NBC News Team Up To Recreate Rockefeller Democracy Plaza

AltspaceVR & NBC News Team Up To Recreate Rockefeller Democracy Plaza

AltspaceVR & NBC News Team Up To Recreate Rockefeller Democracy Plaza

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During every presidential election, the infamous Rockefeller Plaza transforms into a place called Democracy Plaza where curious visitors can come check out historic artifacts, exhibits, and learn more about the presidential nominees.

Democracy Plaza this year will be displayed in similar fashion where people can get a little taste of America. At the exhibit, you get a chance to see the Declaration of Independence which was signed on the evening of July 4th, 1776. With all the crazy news going on lately regarding Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, Democracy Plaza becomes a detour for the positive events that’s occurred for the United States of America. And this year, with the help of AltspaceVR, Democracy Plaza will be going a little more hi-tech.


NBC and AltspaceVR have announced that Rockefellar Democracy Plaza is going virtual reality. Through AltspaceVR’s platform, people will have a chance to visit the famous plaza during the events. Rockefeller center is fully replicated to the tee with the famous ice rink, sculpture, and the historic building in front. VR users will have a chance to visit this location and take in the scenic sights for themselves. And this will be a global event where people who haven’t gotten a chance to visit Rockefeller Plaza can do so through virtual reality.

In addition, there’ll be live events taking place up until November 8th on AltspaceVR. The kickoff event will start today, starting with Al Roker (Weatherman for the Today’s Show on NBC) giving a little presentation in VR for the first time ever.

People that are curious can hop onto AltspaceVR’s social space for free through the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive.


There’ll be further announcements for upcoming events in the virtual Democracy Plaza so stay tuned as we bring you the latest information. Through our point of view, it’s a terrific experience that everyone needs to try out. We highly recommend you visiting this virtual space at least once to feel and experience what Rockefeller Plaza might be like if you’ve previously never been.

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