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A New World Awaits In ‘I-Exist: Consciousness VR’

A New World Awaits In ‘I-Exist: Consciousness VR’

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When we hear someone say the phrase “coming to life” we usually take it as a metaphor for something. But that is not the case when we are talking about I-Exist: Consciousness VR.

Created by Thinker Dream Studio, I-Exist: Consciousness VR explores the world of music and virtually jumps us into the album. You’ll discover a phone with a music player app, but yours has a secret.

It’s a portal into another world, waiting to be opened. Only now, with the power of virtual reality, can you look through the window and step inside. Explore the world of Consciousness and journey through music like never before.

Consciousness will be a full 10 track album that you can step inside and explore. The first four worlds are available now, feature complete, with plans to fill out the rest in the coming months.


Every song is a world
Dive deep into the lyrics of each song as you navigate through a surreal space.

Ambisonic Chamber
Experience exclusive acoustic performances through spatial audio and ambisonic recordings.

Fireside chat
Sit fire side with the guys in I-Exist as they tell stories about the songwriting and recording process for each song.

I-Exist: Consciousness VR is set to release on May 18th for the Valve Index, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. How would your favorite song look in virtual reality?

This is a new type of experience and may be up some people’s alley.

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