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A New Level Coming For ‘I Expect You To Die’ In VR

A New Level Coming For ‘I Expect You To Die’ In VR

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One of the leading virtual reality studios Schell Games has announced during E3 that the escape-the-room VR spy puzzle game “I Expect You To Die” will be launching a new level titled “Seat of Power” on July 16th.

Seat of Power

The great thing about this new level is that it will be a free DLC. In the new level, you will begin by being placed at the head of the table in Dr. Zor’s boardroom, challenged to retrieve information and solve a series of puzzles to escape safely and avoid death.

In the trailer you can see the signature sound, look, and feel of the original game. For those unfamiliar with the game, I Expect You To Die is a virtual reality puzzle game where players take on the role of an elite secret agent. Inside the game, they attempt to survive deadly situations in immersive, dangerous locales by completing missions using problem-solving skills and wits. It’s a race to thwart the evil Dr. Zor without succumbing to traps and tricks that may cause an untimely demise.

Schell Games has stated that the game thus far has generated over $3 million in revenue which is an impressive feat in the VR community.

You can download the game on the Oculus RiftHTC Vive, and Playstation VR for $24.99. Make sure to give this experience a go.

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