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It VR Experience Now Available To Watch

It is an upcoming Warner Bros. horror movie that’s based on Steven King’s famous 1986 novel where children begin to go missing in a small town in Derry, Maine. A band of neighborhood kids come together to investigate the reasons behind the mysterious disappearance. As the kids start to investigate, they uncover that Pennywise, an evil clown whose known for […]

Kendall Jenner Now Has Her Very Own VR Series On Google Daydream

Kendall Jenner VR is happening. Google’s latest Daydream VR series will be focusing on trends and high-fashion from some of the biggest celebrities today. The series, which is called Supermodel Closets, was put together in partnership with Vogue and Condé Nast Entertainment to celebrate the publication’s famed September issue and its 125th anniversary. Supermodel Closets is one […]

SDCC: Watch Conan In 360 VR Live

In what seems to be a yearly tradition now, Conan O’Brien has headed down to San Diego to host his show at San Diego Comic Con. With many exciting announcements to take place, Conan will be putting on a spectacle with a packed roster including stars from the upcoming Netflix movie Bright, the new Warner Bros. film The […]