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Ubisoft For Honor VR Experience Trailer

Ubisoft has come out with a big bang this year with the release of their new franchise game called For Honor. You’ll be able to choose from different factions such as “The Chosen” which are Samurai, “The Warborn” which are Vikings, and “The Legion” which are Knights.  Each faction has four classes to choose from. […]

Chic-fil-A Sends Their Cows Flying And Scuba Diving In This New 360 VR Experience

Chic-fil-A has always been about their unique marketing campaigns with their cows holding up a sign that reads, “Eat Mor Chikin.” They like to stand out from conventional methods and provide consumers a memorable experience. During Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Chic-fil-A ran two 30-second commercials of their new marketing campaign called Cowz VR using virtual reality […]

The Cast Of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Take It To The Next Level With A Virtual Reality Experience

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is returning to television tonight (Premiering on Wednesday, February 15, at 20 PM ET/PT on FXX) with an all-new episode called “PTSDee.” The episode will take place after finding out Dee’s a male stripper’s “rock bottom.” Dee goes on a mission to prove she’s the best thing that ever happened […]