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30 Featured Games Coming To Oculus Rift

30 Featured Games Coming To Oculus Rift

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Oculus Rift Games

It's been recently announced that there are 30 new games coming to the Oculus Rift on March 28th of this month.

It's been a growing anticipation on what games were going to arrive on this console besides EVE and Dragon Front. But it looks as though there will be an array of games ranging from action to strategy to RPG like games.

The layouts look to be simple enough and the games appear to have some potential in new types of gaming.

Below is the full breakdown of games coming to the Oculus Rift:

List of Oculus rift games

It doesn't appear that there are household names involved yet with the Oculus project but be prepared as they will arrive to this headset console sooner or later.

Oculus Rift games - Gameplay and Trailers

Adr1ft trailer & gameplay

Adventure Time Turbo Button trailer & gameplay

Airmech Command trailer & gameplay


Albino Lullaby trailer & gameplay

Audio Arena trailer & gameplay

Project Cars gameplay & trailer

Chronos gameplay & trailer

Darknet gameplay & trailer

Dead Secret gameplay & trailer

Defense Grid 2 gameplay & trailer

Dreadhalls gameplay & trailer

Elite Dangerous gameplay & trailer

Esper 2 Gameplay & Trailer

EVE Valkyrie gameplay & trailer

Fly to KUMA gameplay & trailer

EVE Gunjack gameplay & trailer

Herobound SC gameplay & trailer


Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes


Lucky's Tale gameplay & trailer


Omega Agent gameplay & trailer


Radial G gameplay & trailer



Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe VR gameplay & trailer


Smashing The Battle gameplay & trailer


Vanishing of Ethan Carter gameplay & trailer


Vektron Revenge gameplay & trailer


VR Tennis Online gameplay & trailer


Pinball FX2 VR gameplay & trailer

pinball fx2 vr oculus rift

BlazeRush gameplay & trailer


Windlands gameplay & trailer


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