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10 Steps On How To Setup And Install HTC Vive Guide

10 Steps On How To Setup And Install HTC Vive Guide

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Many people are now receiving the HTC Vive through mail. This is the first time you may have used and setup a VR headset so we’re here to provide you with some step by step walkthrough on how to properly setup your HTC Vive.

Without further adieu, let’s start off this HTC tutorial guide.

Outer box of htc vive

  1. First, proceed to open the HTC Vive box.

opened box of htc vive

Inside the box you’ll find one HTC Vive VR headset, 2 Vive VR controllers, and several cords underneath the initial top boxes.

beneath the boxes in HTC Vive case

2. Proceed to lay them out in an organized manner to easily find stuff. Don’t make the mistake of spreading things everywhere. This will cost you time. Trust us, we made that rookie mistake.

sensors for htc vive

Beneath the instructions you’ll find the sensors. There will be two sensors that you’ll need to place high up somewhere in a few minutes.

Parts for htc vive sensors

3. Proceed to gather the pieces to mount the sensors to a wall. You’ll need to locate and gather 2 metal wall mounts, 4 screws, and 4 hole jacks.

one htc vive sensor on a wall

4. Once gathered, drill the first hole into the wall where you want the sensor mounted. Remember, you need to have them in a high enough position to track your movements. You can also have them simply pointed towards you in a high position such as a cubby or book shelf.

5. Then proceed to drill the next hole. Once that is done. put the hole jacks in or simply start screwing the screws into the holes.

6. Have the screws tightened with the wall mount and start screwing on the sensor. Proceed to do that with the other sensor on the opposite side of the room. You then want to have them pointed down in an angle where it catches your movement.

It’s also important that the 2 sensors can recognize each other and also see you in the line of sight. Don’t have anything blocking the sensors.

wiring to htc vive sensor

7. When you’re done with the mount, plug the power cord into the sensors. You’ll notice two lights when it’s on. One will be purple at the top and one will be a green letter at the bottom left corner. Plug in the power for both sensors.

green light on htc vive

You’ll see the top purple light turn green when it recognizes the other sensor. This takes a few moments.

htc vive adapter

8. Now grab your headset and remaining wires. Proceed to plug the cords into the right ports where they’ll directly plug in to your computer. (As a refresher, refer to CPU specs optimal for HTC Vive for the VR experience to run smoothly). Plug in the HDMI cord to the HDMI port located on your computer. Plug in the USB cord located on your computer. Plug in power cord to the power adapter.

plugged in cords for htc vive

9. Once that is done, power up the HTC Vive. You’re going to want to have Steam installed on your computer. HTC Vive is compatible with that platform and that is where you’ll be launching the games and softwares for the Vive. When you are good to go, simply pick, purchase, rent the VR games you want to play and enjoy! The Vive controllers will come pre-charged so you won’t need to charge the batteries right away.

10. Remember to have some good space as you’ll be setting up the boundaries for the HTC Vive. This is important as this VR headset allows you to be mobile unlike the Oculus Rift. Enjoy and experience the power of VR through this amazing headset!

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