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10 Major Games That Might Come To The HTC Vive And Oculus Rift

10 Major Games That Might Come To The HTC Vive And Oculus Rift

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As we see the growth in the VR gaming industry, we are also noticing a trend in movement of big companies investing into this technology. Virtual reality is a fascinating opportunity for many companies and here’s a lineup of companies that can potentially come to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Halo VR

halo vr


Halo has always been one of the true defining FPS games. Halo has been around since the first Xbox and continues to draw in a large fan base for the quality of play it delivers. With Xbox rumored to be experimenting with VR, it should come to no surprise that Halo might possibly be looking into broadening its horizon with virtual reality technology.

This isn’t too out there to believe as most console systems are starting to adopt VR. Playstation will be releasing their very own VR headset console this October. And with major movement from consoles, game development studios will soon have to follow. Look for the possibility of Halo being released in VR.

Madden VR

madden vr

Madden is a popular game among game enthusiasts and fans of the NFL. The NFL is looking to broadcast games in virtual reality and it comes to no surprise that the game itself might follow lead. With a popular and loyal football fan base, it’s definitely a project that EA Sports will look into.

Currently, many football players are experimenting with virtual reality wearables to help them go through motions of passing, receiving, and other athletic moves. With virtual reality play, games like Madden came become more enriched with depth of game play. Users can become more immersed within the game to help contribute more to an outcome.


nba 2k vr

NBA 2K has always been one of the premiere sports video games out there. You play as an NBA team to compete against computers or your friends. With the power of virtual reality, game play can significantly change for the better or worse.

Many athletes use virtual reality systems to train so it doesn’t seem too far-fetched for gaming companies to apply VR technology to their games. It’d be an exciting and enjoyable experience to play as a superstar athlete and see through their eyes and perspectives.

Battlefield VR

battlefield vr

We don’t expect Battlefield to come to virtual reality in the next year. However, we might be able to catch a glimpse of this game in the next 2-3 years with the advancement in FPS and graphic improvements. Dice has always been a company that brings excitement and experience to a whole new level.

Battlefield can brand themselves to be the leaders in VR FPS games just like they have today with their traditional games.

Call Of Duty VR

call of duty vr

Call of Duty is a rival game to Battlefield. And if Battlefield was to go to a VR platform we can certainly believe that Call of Duty will follow suit or even do it before their competitor does. The gameplay and strategy differs from one another but they draw in the similar fan base.

It can definitely become a strategical move for Call of Duty to upgrade their platforms to a virtual one in the near future. Currently, there are challenges of bringing the frame rate up on the headset systems which is why there aren’t too many FPS games on the Oculus or HTC Vive. But the graphics and technology isn’t too far away for this to be possible.

Rocket League VR

rocket league vr

Rocket League has recently captured the attention of many players. The game is simple, enjoyable, and competitive to capture the attention of gamers. And with the addition of VR to Rocket League, it’d be fascinating to play as the game is already entertaining.

With the creative concept of playing soccer with cars in an arena, virtual reality can directly enhance and stimulate the actions of the game. With more companies adapting to the platform, Rocket League can try to get ahead of the curve and catch the attention of many players.

League of Legends VR

league of legends vr

League of Legends is the single biggest game to be played today on a PC. The game garners attention through its competitive team play and recognizable names in the industry such as Faker. With the release of the new gaming platforms such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, League Of Legends can look to get ahead of the curve and release their game onto the platform.

Currently, there are too many platforms for games to be released on. Every headset is almost unique to their services which makes it tough for gaming studios to release their titles. But as time goes on, we’ll see which ones become the dominant force and cement themselves as the platform to release games on to. Look for LOL to make a strategic move into next movement of games.

Star Wars VR

star wars vr

There’s already been footage of a Star Wars game coming to VR consoles in the future. But what if we can expect a little more from Disney and Lucasfilms? Imagine how incredible it would be to play a game such as Knights Of The Old Republic in virtual reality.

We can look for Disney to revamp the release of Star Wars games by the fact that they already invested heavily into VR technology.

Overwatch VR

overwatch vr

Overwatch is the newly released FPS game from Blizzard. It definitely has the hype right now and is garners great reviews and feedback. We haven’t seen Blizzard attempt to create VR games just yet but they are definitely expanding their ideas. This is evident with the soon to be released movie of Warcraft.

We can see Blizzard expand their portfolio and it wouldn’t be too unrealistic to see them deliver a game like Overwatch to VR. The platform would be amazing for a game like Overwatch and can definitely drive a fan base to reconnect with the gaming company.

Half Life 3 VR

half life 3 vr

Everyone has been waiting and waiting for Half Life 3 to be released. And we’d like to make the bold statement that they are waiting to determine if it should be released on a virtual reality platform. The creators of Half Life, Valve, is owned by Steam who has collaborated with HTC to release the Vive VR headsets.

Steam can use this opportunity to grow the massive fan base by releasing the game in VR. It could be an advantageous situation as this would help grow their VR community while creating a buzz for the game.

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