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What VR And AR Things To Look For In 2017

2016, what an eventful year full of excitement, sadness, innovation, and curiosity. Now that the year has fully passed we can look forward to what 2017 will bring us. In the VR and AR world, these are the things to keep an eye out for.   Xbox Project Scorpio Microsoft’s rival in the gaming world, […]

Microsoft Hololens

Fox Sports Will Integrate Augmented Reality Technology Into NFL Games

Augmented reality is an untested technology with a whole lot of potential according to Tim Cook. He believes that the AR (augmented reality) market will have a higher threshold than that of the virtual reality industry. Both technologies distort dimensions with digital displays, objects, and interactive modules. But AR differentiates itself by bringing 3D images to the […]

Microsoft Hololens

What is it? The Microsoft Hololens is the first holographic computer of its kind that displays augmented reality. It’s suppose to deliver a holographic experience in real world settings and environments by adding digital enhancements to the physical object or location. The Hololens is functional by being mounted on your head with a  glass visor in […]